Chef’s Tasting Menu: Blueberries in 5 Ways


Chef Jamie Simpson of The Culinary Vegetable Institute posed the gastronomic question of the day: “What can a blueberry become?” As the Chef Lead of USHBC’s 2018 Foodservice Deep Dive program, Chef Jamie welcomed the challenge to showcase the versatility of blueberries on menus. Using five different blueberry forms and five unique culinary applications, he transformed blueberries into a one-of-a-kind chef’s tasting menu highlighting the true culinary potential of consumers’ favorite berry from drinks to desserts, sweet to savory.

“Food, as a whole, is a universal language,” said Chef Jamie. “If we understand how ingredients work, we can better apply techniques that make sense to a specific ingredient. In our journey of understanding ‘what can a blueberry become,’ we did learn that the simpler question might be: ‘what can it not be?’”

From fresh, frozen, dried, freeze-dried, pureed and juiced, Chef Jamie proved blueberries are an ideal and exciting ingredient for infinite culinary experimentation and exploration. With availability year-round, the culinary potential for blueberries really is endless. Watch our short video to discover how blueberries can be transformed on menus beyond the expected.

Want to give Chef Jamie’s blueberry recipes a try?