Heart Health Month Toolkit


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February kicks off American Heart Month and there’s no better time to enjoy the benefits of fresh and frozen blueberries. According to the American Heart Association, an overall healthy dietary pattern and lifestyle are the best weapons to help combat heart disease.

From turnkey resources, social media content, and everything in between, this toolkit provides your customers, community and partners with tools to illustrate the role blueberries play in a healthy diet and drive demand during American Heart Month and all year long. 

Social Media Content

Celebrate American Heart Month during the month of February on your store’s social pages using the square formatted social media image ideal for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Simply click on the image and download directly from this page. We’ve made it even easier for you with a suggested caption. Just cut and paste and you’re ready to go!

Don’t Just Be Heart Healthy, Be Heart Happy

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Suggested caption: Grab a boost of blue this February in honor of American Heart Month! A growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that blueberries can be part of eating patterns to support cardiovascular health.  When you’re grabbing for a snack, adding a one-cup serving of blueberries, fresh or frozen, is an easy way to boost your daily nutrition! #HeartHealth

A Gift for the Heart from the Heart

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Suggested caption: American Heart Month calls for a boost of blue! Give your heart the love it deserves year-round with blueberries that are deliciously simple, snackable and healthful – a quick win every day for any meal or snack. 

Heart Health Measured by the Handful

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Suggested caption: Dropping in to remind you that a handful of blueberries can help you meet your daily fiber requirement. What’s so amazing about that? Dietary fiber may reduce the risk of heart disease and adds bulk to your diet, which helps you feel full faster! For American Heart Month and every month, grab a boost of blue and show yourself some extra love. #HeartHealth

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Digital Ads

Use this digital ad as a banner on your website, in newsletter content, on social media channels, or in digital marketing materials. Click the thumbnail below to download!

Heart Health Resources

Read up on the latest blueberry health research and encourage your customers, partners and community to learn more about the role of blueberries in supporting heart health, diabetes management and brain health. These resources are designed to provide easily accessible facts, along with simple, snackable ways to include blueberries in a delicious daily routine.

Simply download this resource for digital or printed use. 

Blueberry Heart Healthy Overview
Blueberry Heart Healthy Research Backgrounder
Blueberry Nutrition Overview

Here are ways to use these resources throughout the month of February:

  • For digital or printed use
  • Offer it as a comprehensive information resource via your newsletter, website or email
  • Share it across social media
  • Use it for media interview talking points


These delectable recipes, featuring both fresh and frozen blueberries as the showstopper ingredient, will awaken the inner chef and inspire experimentation with fresh flavors — like ginger, tahini and chili paste!

Click each image to download and access each recipe on our website to share with your customers.

Additional Blueberry Images

The health benefits of blueberries are undeniable, but their beauty garners attention too! Download some of our favorite blueberry imagery to add to your own library, share on social media, include in your digital newsletter, add to printed collateral or upload to your website. 

QR Codes

QR codes drive consumers straight to the information we want them to have, and they are used to using them to view restaurant menus, visit websites and access information. Place a QR code on in-store displays and signage, or share in your digital promotions to automatically take consumers to ideas to Grab A Boost of Blue, recipe inspiration, health benefits, and more, right at point-of-sale.

Simply download the QR code to open a zip file containing the code in various formats.