Blueberry and Cream Cheese Tamales

Prep Time: 2 Hours
Portions: 24
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Blueberry and Cream Cheese Tamales - Assembled

  • 3014.4g of Blueberry Masa Dough
  • 705.6g of Sweet Cream Cheese
  • 24 Corn husks, large
  • Boiling water - to hydrate corn husks

Blueberry Masa Dough

  • 645.6g of blue corn masa flour
  • 319.2g of hot water
  • 566.40g of blueberry juice, single strength, strained from canned blueberries
  • 540g of butter, unsalted
  • 408g of sugar
  • 4.8g of ground cinnamon
  • 19.2g of vanilla extract
  • 492g of Kosher salt
  • blueberries, canned

Sweet Cream Cheese

  • 542.4g of cream cheese
  • 91.2g of sugar
  • 72g of whole milk


Blueberry and Cream Cheese Tamales

Download the Formulation

  1. Set up steam basket and line the bottom of the perforated insert with corn husk leaves to keep water from entering steaming cavity.
  2. In a large bowl, add corn husks and pour in boiling water. Submerge by placing a plate or similar as a weight. Let sit for 30 minutes until pliable.
  3. Remove husks from water and wipe dry. Spread 105 grams of blueberry masa in the middle of the husk. Add 25g of sweet cream cheese in the middle of the blueberry masa. Fold corn husk over masa and tuck in tail of husk.
  4. To re-heat, steam from frozen for 25 minutes or microwave on High for 2-3 minutes.

Blueberry Masa Dough

  1. In a stand-mixer with a paddle attachment, add the blue corn masa flour. Turn on the stand mixer and slowly drizzle in the hot water and then the blueberry juice until fully incorporated. Form into a homogenous ball and remove. Wrap in plastic and set aside for 25 minutes at room temperature.
  2. Clean out the bowl of the stand mixer and wipe clean. Cream the sugar and the butter until light and fluffy. Add ground cinnamon, vanilla and salt.
  3. In small chunks, add the hydrated, unseasoned blueberry masa a little at a time.
  4. Mix in the strained, canned blueberries to the mixture until incorporated.

Sweet Cream Cheese

Mix ingredients until fluffy. Add to piping bag for assembly.

Recipe Tip

Items needed: including equipment, smallwares, etc.

Stand-mixer, piping bag

About This Recipe

Sweet corn tamales made form a blueberry rich corn masa and filled with a blueberry cream cheese filling.

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