This Weekend, Do National Beer Day – the Bluetiful Way


As we embrace the new season, there’s nothing quite like sitting outside and enjoying the weather with an ice-cold beverage. And these days, for many adults, that means brewery hangouts are upon us. While we all have our preferred style of beer, blueberries are one ingredient that pair nicely any way you brew it – surprised? You shouldn’t be! Blueberries bring a lot to the flavor table – they can add an extra somethin’ to simpler beers like pale ales and pilsners, complement tart flavors, like those of a Berliner Weisse or sour beer, or bring fruity sweetness to more robust beers, like stouts, porters and lagers.

With National Beer Day upon us, we explored what goes into a blueberry beer and makes the sipping experience, well, positively bluetiful. Richard Rogers, head brewer of Roscoe Beer Company in Roscoe, New York, shared the ins and outs of the brewery’s recent “Winter Blues-Berry Sour” – read on below!

For those looking to grab a pack of blueberry beers for their bunch, we’ve included a roundup of standout concepts from across the country. Scroll down to find a local or regional spot to sip the sweet-tart taste of blueberries.

Q&A with Richard Rogers of Roscoe Beer Company

  • How do you describe the Winter Blues-Berry Sour?
    It’s a fruited blueberry sour, bringing the best of blueberry pie. Crust-like malt flavor coupled with blueberry, blends seamlessly into a mild tartness with a silky finish from the addition milk sugar. Ditch the fork and drink your slice of the pie.
  • What did your patrons think of this beer? Was it well-received?
    Yes! It’s been one of the top sellers since we tapped the first keg.
  • What form of blueberries were used and how much went into the batch?
    210 lbs. of puree into 15 BBLs (1 BBL = 31 gallons)
  • What do you like about what blueberries bring to a beer?
    In the quantity that we used, blueberries bring an amazing reddish-purple hue. They add just enough fruit flavor without dominating the subtle malt and hop characters, while adding a roundness and fullness to the body of the beer.
  • Are you planning any other blueberry beers for the year?
    Not at the moment but that could change if inspiration strikes.
  • In your opinion, what foods pair well with this beer?
    Personally, I find our Winter Blues-Berry pairs well with spicy foods like chicken wings, a bowl of ramen or pho, and spicier Indian curries. The tartness coupled with mild blueberry flavor really accentuates these dishes.

Blueberry Beers from East to West

(Including the tasty descriptions from the breweries themselves!)

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