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What is Grab a Boost of Blue?

Grab a Boost of Blue is the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council’s brand-new category marketing campaign.

It was built to tap into peoples’ passion for blueberries and all that’s so good about them, helping to inspire and motivate them to enjoy more of the fruit they love, more often!

Blueberries fit into every consumer’s life, all day long, creating limitless opportunities to enjoy the boost they provide.

  • Grab: Motivates a strong call to action to pick up a fresh clamshell or frozen bag of blueberries
  • a Boost: Promotes positive energy, health and great taste
  • of Blue: Delivers on the unique color, health benefits and deliciousness that only one stand-out food item can provide

Explore the following sections for tools that will aid you in converting that demand to actual sales.

Latest Additions

Marketing Resources

Shopper Research

Research shows that Grab a Boost of Blue resonates with shoppers and blueberries drive the bottom line.

87% and 68% of shoppers indicated they would purchase fresh or frozen blueberries on their next grocery trip1


57% and 43% of shoppers indicated they intend to buy fresh or frozen blueberries at least once a week2

Market Research

  • Blueberries are the premium berry and produce dollar growth leader3
  • Blueberries command a 60% price premium at retail relative to other competitive berries4
  • Blueberries had the highest percent retail dollar growth in 2019, and 2020 is showing similar trend5
  • Frozen blueberry volume sales have soared in 2020, up 40% vs. YA 2/22 – 6/27 20196

Power Periods

Heart Health Month


Boost Your Workout

(March – April)

Healthy Fall Boost

(August – October)


(November – December)

Turnkey Content

Capture shoppers’ attention by using Grab a Boost of Blue turnkey content for bolstering your ongoing marketing. We’ve made it easy for you with everything you need for promoting blueberries to your shoppers. Plug into our promotional plan or make it your own.

Program Participants

Join Those Using Grab a Boost of Blue

USHBC is collaborating with blueberry industry members and retail professionals like you to boost blueberry demand and sales. Join our growing list of participants for the opportunity to win big with blueberries.

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1-2FoodMinds Strategic Insights, USHBC Boost of Blue Communication Check, September 2020
3-6FoodMinds Analysis of Category Partners Nielsen Report, Excel Dashboard Through 06.27.20